baulk ring conversion kit

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baulk ring conversion kit

Post by Southwest »

Looking for conversion kit as I've just begun Rebuilding a 22A104 gearbox and realised this would be the best option.
First time working on gearbox!
Any advice appreciated.

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Re: baulk ring conversion kit

Post by r.tec »

Stop making stupid people famous!

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Re: baulk ring conversion kit

Post by Andrew1967 »

Really not that difficult to rebuild a Mini gearbox and amateurs can do a better job than some professionals, believe me.

I have a complete baulk ring conversion kit, with laygear and reverse (that does not come as part of the kit). I also have some NOS cone gear parts.

If you can’t find a conversion kit elsewhere, I might be persuaded to let it go as I can’t see that I’ll ever use it.

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