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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:54 pm 
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Right, as things have been so up in the air for a while I thought I'd start a new version of an old thread, one that has historically proven to be very interesting & long running.

It's the perennial who am I thread. I know this is covered to some extent in the Introduction section, but as few people go there I thought I'd start a new version here, and to get the ball rolling. . . . .

I'm Mark Forster, I live in the North of England near the beautiful & historic city of York, which has been around since before Ceaser was a lad. I'm 50 now & have been into my Mini's since I was 17 or so, so that makes it over 30 years interest mainly or should I say almost exclusively focusing on the early cars from 1959 through to the late 60's or possibly early 70's at a push.

My first Mini was a Damask Red Mini 1000 that was first registered in 1973, it didn't stay standard for long & ended up as a 90 odd BHP hillclimber that I was moderately successful in. Over the years I have had a few interesting Minis including a MK2 1275 S, a Speedwell 1100, a Supercharged Traveller & a 1071S c/w Downton tuning equipment. I currently own a 1960 850 with just 17,000 miles on the clock that is fitted with an original Downton touring conversion, a 1071cc Neville Trickett Mini Sprint, a very nice historic racer / hillclimb Wolseley Hornet & I also have the original Speedwell 1275 S demonstrator LGW 123 D that is currently being restored. I have raced, rallied, Hillclimbed & autotested all sorts of Minis & have always considered myself a jack of all trades & very definitely a master on none.

I have run the MK1 Perf Cons web site since 1999 which is considered to be (not by me) the biggest public archive of original Mini tuning material & original BMC factory documents available anywhere, I know there are larger private collections, but what use are they to anyone but the owner.

As well as Mini-ing, I own a WW2 Willy's Jeep.

For the last year or two I have struggled with the Mini scene as I have watched the prices & associated bickering increase, but I have now decided that the MK1 forum & site will be a haven from such things where true enthusiasts can converse on an equal basis as long as they treat the other members with the respect they would expect from others.

Well that's me, who's next?

Mark F
I am not a number, but you can get me on 0800-555-555
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:19 pm 
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I'm Al (Alastair Brown), I'm 39 and live in Dunfermline, just over the river from Edinburgh. I am, until Friday, an HM Inspector of Health and Safety with HSE, but am about to re-enter the real world, working at Edinburgh art college.

I am currently mini-less, and have been for the last few years, though I think I have had about 7 over the years, inclufding a '66 Cooper when they were afordable, a '71 van with a 1310 Downton engine, an Elf that was so Horrid my uncle refused to put it through an MOT for my own safety! (my first car)

I have a peculiar habit of buying old spaceframe racing car projects, usually with A-series engines and often of un known provenance, and later realising I don't have the space / skill / time / resources etc to finish them....... :lol: So far I have had 'Pandora' (also known at the Mistron, hence the 2 'nom de plume's I use on forums - rather than it being a name I go by at weekends and after dark!), a mid engined 2 seater sports racer, the Coldwell Mink F3 / Clubmans car, and the current unidentified resident of my single garage. Seems to work as a hobby, so no doubt more will come and go!

I also have a huge prediliction to oscure fibreglass

I did work for a few years in the classic car auction / sales business, so have had the chance to drive / play with a fair number of interesting stuff, but these days my young family means I am rather limited in what toys I can afford!

As well as a Midget / sprite, my current 'itch' I want to scratch is for a '60s Moke, and a Gilbern GT


PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:51 pm 

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Hi, foxy52 here, at present in our Overstrand ,North Norfolk home though we have a place at Ferring in West Sussex ..John Coopers second ancestral home..!!!..I used to chat to john and Michael at Worthing rugby club when I lived there.... going back to 79/80 I remember having a test drive with John in a blue inno they had for sale.. a left hooker with tan upholstery..very nice !!!......... I bought a MK 2 Golf GTI instead !!! LOL from West Sussex Motors... no longer in biz !!!......cheers foxy52

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:17 pm 

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I'm Graeme from the southern end if the Lake District and the fantastic roads it offers. I dabble with historic road and navigational rallying and also autotesting. I also built a 1275GT for my wife, just to make sure I can get garage time without problem ;-)
Relatively new to Minis I'm constantly learning from the local masters of my sport, some of which are on this board. I'm constantly in awe of the history and knowledge some of you guys have. I've made some good friends through Minis though but the car does seem to take over your life!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:31 pm 
I am Stephen 22 from Kettering in Northamptonshire that's not quite that north...

I work for halfords part time, Mechanical and engineering trained to level 3/2 in both. I own a 1979 Austin Morris Mini 1000 (build late 76) Restoring to its former glory with a few little tweeks but nothing anyone will notice.

been on the forum awhile but this is more research end than talk alot but Hello! :)


PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:49 pm 
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I'm Andrew, aged 45 and live in Norfolk. I work for a local company that is part of a huge international oil company. I am a cryogenic pipe work fabricator and fitter. I build nitrogen pumping machines that basically turn liquid nitrogen pumped at around 50-100psi in one end, into nitrogen gas, pumped at up to 15000 psi at the other end, that is used in the oil fields for various applications.

My interest in Minis started when I was about 9 years old, when I saw a Mk1 S belonging to the owner of a garage where my father used to work. Real 70's type S, deseamed, monotone black with Shadowlite type glass, big dash with loads of dials and bucket seats etc.

I got my first Mini, a Harvest Gold 1972 1000 when I was 16 and got it on the road for when I was 17. I sold it a year later and got a Mk1 Fiesta. UEX69L is still taxed according to DVLA but it has since been blue and currently red, so whether it's the original car or a 'tax exempt special' remains to be seen :D

I bought a factory monotone black Mk2 998 Cooper in 1986 for £75. It was a total shed but I restored it and still own it. I have also got a 1960 850 that I have owned for around 16 years. Next up is my '64 Mk1 Cooper S replica, aka the Yellow Peril. It's pretty much as close to a real S as you can get and is great fun to drive at a fraction of the cost. Finally is my '75 pick up, a longer term project. This is (or was) really really rough. My father owned it for many years and it was a case of I take it on and attempt a restoration or it gets cut up. I am halfway through the welding, but another pick up project ( now in Japan) and currently some house construction/renovation has put it on hold. Should get back to it in the Autumn.

Due to the daft prices Minis and their spares are now attracting, the pick up will be my last Mini to restore from scratch, although my 998 Cooper will need a body rebuild again soon to bring it up to the standard of my other cars. I am currently considering what car to look for next.

I do all aspects of the restoration apart from engine machining. Certainly keeps the costs down :)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:32 pm 
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Known as Dai, 55 and living on the end of the A48 in West Wales. Working as a Works supervisor in the historic monuments sector.
Started dabbling in Minis at the age of 16 and had my first when i was 18 (I think). £110 for a 64er with a 1100 motor and wider steel wheels which turned out to be a set of LP883s. Still got the wheels. Bonus. :P
Started stage rallying at the tender age of 20 in a 63 Morris (still regret scrapping that shell) (idiot) :cry: which was eventually re-shelled into a Clubby GT which got me many class wins and a championship win in 85. (in class) Most of the car is long gone, but the motor is still in the shed somewhere.
Had numerous Minis over the years and like most of us, regret getting rid of them, but never been without one since 76.
Currently restoring a 67 Woody, then a MK 2 S is next on the list, then a 61 Morris. I use a 68 MK2 Austin SDL as my daily and do the local classic shows and road runs.
Had a hand in panelling up and prepping a current APP K Mini for a certain Mr Owens earlier in the year which was a nice change. In fact, that car still has my heater box in it which was meant for my Woody. :roll: ;)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:40 pm 

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Great idea. This way if I ever upset someone on this forum they'll know where to find me!

Anyway I'm Andy (Walkingshaw) 48 years old from West Cumbria (the real North of England Mark ;) ).
I run a Volkswagen and Kia dealership here (but wait...) as I grew up it was a Morris/Leyland garage and I owned my first Mini 1000 at age 16 and several more after that. I briefly had a Mk1 Cooper but sadly scrapped it when I discovered the floor was made of fibreglass and air. At age 20 however I made amends by fully restoring a Mk2 S (VHN909G where are you now?)

After a 20 year break from Mini ownership, and a very brief fling with a 1950s Beetle, last year I bought a 1962 997 in bits. You can see more details elsewhere on the forum. I'm trying to keep my sons involved to encourage a new generation of classic Mini fans.
Since then I have also acquired a 1966 Rally prepared shell from a real gentleman on this forum that I intend to build up as a historic rally car and a 1977 1275GT as a daily runner that will hopefully be back on the road soon. But be warned, I can't seem to own a Mini without modifying it. Now that the forum is safe again I'll try to get some pictures and details up on those two soon.

I’m giving up asking rhetorical questions. What’s the point?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:04 am 

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Another Cumbrian here!
Richard, 40 years old :cry: Weather Station technician for Vaisala covering Manchester to Glasgow area with overlaps to my colleagues to the north, south and east. What this means in the simplest sense is that I maintain the roadside equipment which provides the councils and local authorities with road temperature data (& other stuff :!: ) over winter so they can decide to grit or not.

I've had minis since my first car when I was 17, always having at least one, with many abandoned projects along the way.
Currently have three and I can't see this changing much now. An '88 Red Hot track car with Vauxhall XE power and lots of trick bits, a 63 SDL with the 8 port and MS fuel injection and the '65 Bitsa which is in build. We've always had a selection of nice engines from turbo's to Vtec's to superchargers and 8 ports, but not both of the latter at the same time, yet ;)

I've been active on many mini forums for too many years and moderate on 16vminiclub, through messing with these tin boxes I've met some great people and long may that continue. :mrgreen:

I also run our local classic mini club and have done for around 15 years now.

Wanna see what I'm playing with? Youtube Channel
Caution ;) may contain 8 Ports, Xe's and VTec's, I don't do standard!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 7:57 am 

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I am Andreas Klein, living in the middle of Germany, 44 years old, driving Mini since 1990.
I have 4 children and in the moment I am at home as a houseman....
I own a 1971 MK III Mini with many modifications and a 1971 Mini Pickup, waiting for restoration since
Im a very interested in classic Mini Tuning and have a nice little collection of brochures from Speedwell etc.

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