Certificate of conformity

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Mini me
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Certificate of conformity

Post by Mini me »

Good afternoon
Has anyone applied for a first vehicle tax & registration using form V55/5 ?
Who is the recognised supplier of the Certificate of conformity for a 1966 Cooper S ?
What pitfalls/problems am I liable to encounter ?
Any information would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Certificate of conformity

Post by woodypup59 »

A pal of mine has had trouble re-registering an S imported from the USA.

It came with proper documentation and even had the original UK number plates still fitted - see picture.

But DVLA wanted a letter from the manufacturer to confirm some details, so he could retain the original UK reg no.

Of course Austin or Morris don't exist anymore - a fact that DVLA don't seem to be aware of - so his wish to retain the original reg has stalled,

They have issued him with an age related number.

Why ddidn't they just make the "original" number non-transferable ?
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Re: Certificate of conformity

Post by W1NG3D »

Currently going through the process of registering my NZ-built 1965 here in the UK for the first time with the DVLA. As above, the likes of Morris and Austin aren't exactly around anymore, let alone the NZ Motor Corporation (or Dominion Motors as it was known at the time), so getting any such official letter from the original manufacture isn't possible. What I've done in its stead is gotten a BMH heritage certificate and thrown in as much supporting paperwork from New Zealand as I could get my hands on, to verify the age and authenticity of the car. You can also contact the Mini Cooper Register who will provide a letter of authenticity for your Cooper S, which the DVLA will recognise. I believe that they charge a nominal fee of around 20 pounds for this.
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Re: Certificate of conformity

Post by Andrew1967 »

Speak to Paul Sulma of the MCR..he liases with the DVLA for the V765 scheme, so would probably be able to advise on this as well.
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Re: Certificate of conformity

Post by Pete »

I imported a couple Cooper Ss from the US about four years ago and wasnt asked to produce a certificate of conformity. Ditto for my Unipower. So has that changed? All that was required was your NOVA import certification, a BMIHT cert ( dating letter for the Unipower) and evidence that the number plate belonged to the chassis number (original RF60 logbook or old import / export docs) which I couldn’t get for one of the cars despite it also having its original Hills number plates still on but anyone can bolt a number plate to a car, the paperwork is crucial. It’s the reason old RF60s go for big money on EBay.
There’s a famous Radford and a famous Broadspeed GT that can’t get their number plates back that are both 100% genuine. I’m currently trying to help one owner who’s already tried the club route to persuade DVLA to accept a more forensic case for one car to try and get its number plate back. The problem is so many dodge pots have taken the p*ss by applying for logbooks by deception in the past that they’ve really tightened up.
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Re: Certificate of conformity

Post by Oneball »

You don’t need a Certificate of Conformity as your car is too old. There’s a load of boxes on the form but for a car of the age you’re talking about you only need to fill in about 1/2.
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Re: Certificate of conformity

Post by mk1 »

I had the same issue.

I almost shat my pants when the massive bundle of forms dropped through the letter box.

I phoned the DVLA & was told "Oh, just fill in what you can, most of that is irrelevant"

I did this & received my V5C a few days later.

Very helpful & very easy. . . . . In the end.
Mark F
General dogsbody.
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