Workshop Security

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Re: Workshop Security

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Peter Laidler wrote: Sat Feb 20, 2021 11:26 pm If it's the actual car that at risk, then my car is chained and locked to a ring bolt in the garage floor.
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Re: Workshop Security

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Peter Laidler wrote: Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:26 pm What about fitting HOLLOW bars to the windows, then insert hardened steel bars INSIDE the hollow bars, Once the toe-rags start to get through the seemingly hollow bars, the cutter gets to the free running internal bar. That starts rotating and he can try to cut until the cows come home, but the internal bar will just rotate ...... and rotate..... and rotate until the cows come home!
That is quite a neat idea, having outside tube rotating, could really work - especially if they were also electrified :mrgreen:
EDIT just a thought, if it was electrified using DC, then they wouldn’t be a le to let go of the bars :lol:
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Re: Workshop Security

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As a very wise man once said. . . . .

If they want to get in they will.

There is no security device that will actually STOP anyone.

Be as inconspicuous as possible, don't leave anything lying about outside. A very loud alarm will work as something of a deterrent as will CCTV, but see comment above.

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Re: Workshop Security

Post by Vern »

I had my garage turned over 5 years ago; pretty much everything went out through a 16"x18" hole they made prising open a window and removing a bar....welder, compressor, all tools went out that way, and then over a 6 foot wall to get out of the garden. Given the condition of the cars inside, it was pretty obvious I'd need to re-stock when the insurance paid out.
The window has all but gone (boarded with 1" oak and racking moved so they can fight their way through that), padlocks in the door runners etc, but if they want in, I'm sure the b******s will get in.
I've made it as awkward to get in as I can be bothered to, got everything photographed and make sure the insurance policy covers it all. I think it's all you can really do.
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Re: Workshop Security

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I fear you are right. There are some brazen offenders about.
Maybe sleeping in the garage with a pump action shotgun is the only way to stop some of them. But as we know that doesn't always end well. At least not in the UK! Just don't shoot them in the back if they're running away.
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Re: Workshop Security

Post by Alex »

I find a light-sleeping farmer with CCTV everywhere (even in with the prize-winning cows) and a shotgun is a decent system alongside the usual locks, bars and alarms.
That and having four Snap-On dealers share the yard... they're a far richer target !
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