Pickup Fuel Pipe advise wtd;

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Pickup Fuel Pipe advise wtd;

Post by Polarsilver »

With UK .. E Petrol that eats Copper ..can i ask what is the best solution as replacement Fuel Pipe to use on a late year PickUP ?.. this is the long one section & very bendy Fuel Pipe that screws into the side of the Fuel Tank then meanders around many turns ending up at the front subframe .. so i need something in a solid tube that will accept a solder on or perhaps a compression Taper Fitting at the tank end can accept quite tight bends & be resistant to Ethanol.

(Found it Interesting to read that Ethanol is also an ingredient in the Oxford Astra Jab) :o
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Re: Pickup Fuel Pipe advise wtd;

Post by mk1 »

"E Petrol that eats Copper"

If you Google Copper Corrosion in ethanol you can find a few good papers all of which conclude that the corrosion rate is greater for ferrous metals than for Copper so if you are worried about your copper fuel lines, you should worry more about your steel fuel tank.

Personally, I just won't worry about any of it.
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Re: Pickup Fuel Pipe advise wtd;

Post by OzOAP »

There are different types of 'copper' pipe.
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Re: Pickup Fuel Pipe advise wtd;

Post by jayare »

You could use the short version of the pipe to connect to the tank (http://minispares.com/product/Classic/F ... 1A307.aspx?) then via a short length of E-proof hose with a filter in it to whatever solid pipe you choose to use. I have this setup on my pickup with Kunifer from the filter to the front.

I think you need to worry more about the type & quality of the rubber fuel hoses than the solid pipe,

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Re: Pickup Fuel Pipe advise wtd;

Post by 850man »

Why don't you just use an original steel pipe?
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