Breakdown cover

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Breakdown cover

Post by woodypup59 »

Just had my renewal note form the RAC. £135 last year - £168 now, for recovery back to home cover.

I think they are having a laugh.

I originally joined in the 70s for their competition car cover (they would collect you from a ditch in the forest) but I haven't called them out for 20 years.

I should say that I have personal cover which means me as driver or passenger in any car.

Time to look around.

Any recommendations ?
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Re: Breakdown cover

Post by GraemeC »

Definitely shop around - loyalty obviously means nothing to them so why should it to you?

Also check what your bank offers - I know some of the packaged bank accounts are extortion, but others are actually quite useful with breakdown, travel and mobile phone insurance.
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Re: Breakdown cover

Post by Andrew1967 »

I normally look at AA or RAC as they normally do offers for 'new' customers and swap from year to year. Also if you call them, they normally price match the others 'new' customer price !!

The big problem is the age of the vehicles, even two of our daily drivers are now to old for Green Flag.

Always check there is no age restrictions is my tip.

Be interesting to see the RAC renewal this year as we had to have them out a month ago when the electric power steering went on our 207. Have to say the service was excellent.
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Re: Breakdown cover

Post by Polarsilver »

I insure my cars through Hagerty Insurance & included within the premium is RAC Cover .. never had to use it but good to know its there :)
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Re: Breakdown cover

Post by whistler »

I use Britannia Rescue. For about £75 I have full recovery for any of our vehicles plus the same for any vehicle that I'm in that belongs to someone else.
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Re: Breakdown cover

Post by gazwad »

I’m with autoaid, cheaper than most and cover you in any vehicle (of any age, some companies have an age limit on the vehicle so check this). Not had to use them yet but have only heard good things. Been let down by rac and aa too many times
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Re: Breakdown cover

Post by hanlminiman »

Woodypup. An interesting question.
My classic car insurance policy provides breakdown cover through a 3rd party, I think. I also have major all singing & dancing cover with the AA, basically from when the kids needed their cars recovered and now because I'm in a rural area and need instant response and also because it covers me in any vehicle. Must admit I did moan when a major provider would not tow me home for a local call out when I used the wrong fuel! Enough said but it helps of you're in a Mini or have a Mini on a trailer behind a 1 month old car! It was a trailer problem.
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