Hilo identification

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Hilo identification

Post by imack »

Can anyone identify the make of these hilo's? They're very similar to early ripspeed hilo's. The main body is cast and then machined, all the cone seat area is machined and there are lathe chuck jaw marks around the cone seat flange. It also takes the driveshaft rubber boot to cover the adjustment bolt thread as per early hilo's Dimensionally it's almost identical to the ripspeed hilo pictured alongside. It has a locking bolt in the side of the body that looks handmade. The adjustment bolt has a much finer thread than the ripspeed hilo and the allen key is 10mm, not 3/8" of the ripspeed version. Theres an o ring at the top of the adjustment bolt bore just the same as the ripspeed version. All in all it looks more nicely made than the ripspeed version.
No markings on it at all.
Possibly pre production version going from the mk2 hilo to the ripspeed version?
Any ideas?
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Re: Hilo identification

Post by GraemeC »

I was hoping that you'd got a reply, and that your unidentified HiLos were the same as mine - however dashed on both counts!

Min are also cast, but have a square body, The thread is coarse. The seat for the cone is shaped to match the cone.
Obviously one has take a knock at some point!

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