A Mini and The Last Liege - Mike Wood

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A Mini and The Last Liege - Mike Wood

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'A Mini and The Last Liege' by Mike Wood.
The Spa-Sophia Liege was considered so tough and such a car breaker, that it would be impossible for a Mini to finish it, not that it stopped Mike Wood and driver John Wadsworth from trying and succeeding in 1964 with their BMC Works Mini Cooper. Mike's story was first published some years ago and subsequently sold out so he has had it reprinted. £8 plus postage +44(0)1282771563.
It's a self-published 48-page booklet, with photos, reproduced paperwork and the "official" map.

Motorsport magazine Review (2005)
A Mini and the last Liège by Mike Wood. No ISBN. Published by Mike Wood.
The Liège-Sofia-Liège was perhaps the most daunting of all rallies of the day. While Minis ruled the early ’60s rally roost, none had ever finished this gruelling Belgian event until 1964 when two intrepid Englishmen, John Wadsworth and Mike Wood, lasted the distance despite innumerable obstacles.
Wood has collected together his recollections, along with masses of original paperwork, to produce an excellent little booklet that recounts their ‘revolutionary’ methods of changing Mini drive couplings and approach to dealing with autobahn traffic jams. All very entertaining.
Written with wit and self-deprecating humour throughout, this is a fun little gem.
https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/arch ... ember-2005

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Re: A Mini and The Last Liege - Mike Wood

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It is a great book. What an adventure it must have been in the day. Unsurfaced roads, no sleep for days etc. And in a Mini! But good fun. I enjoyed reading the reports when delivering the papers, always late on motorsport publication days. :roll:

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