Rip off merchants

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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by roymck »

I’ve been told that some stuff I have sold has been too cheap but I’ve got what I want for them. But then I advertised for a 63 mirror stalk and I was sent one FOC , yes you know who you are , I’ve even swapped stuff as well . If it’s too expensive then I don’t buy it.
Sometimes I have thought I can’t afford a Classic mini as prices are getting silly, I’m glad I am not worried too much about originality .
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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by Polarsilver »

Guys, as you get older in Life can i suggest to just remember way back in the past that some person who showed you some empathy when as a youngster you were without money their gift or big favour did help you out at that time ;) .. I can confirm there is a personal satisfaction to be able to help each other out "yes sometimes give away that part without cost " .. Money is not everything within your Life. :D

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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by danm »

The best ones are straight swaps with parts, everyone wins!

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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by mk1 »

A lot of folks on here are friendly & helpful. If someone is asking far too much for something then it usually won't sell. If someone sells something on here & sees it being resold on FB 10 minutes later, then it may have been a bit cheap, but if you got the price you were asking, why worry.

An active For Sale section is one of the major draws for this forum, if that dies off due to FB market place etc, then I can guarantee you that the rest of the forum will not be long behind it. I have seen this happen too many times before to other once thriving forums.
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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by AndyPen »

Well spoken Mark - there are so many helpful people on here and I too have been fortunate to have been given items FOC. This includes from the OP by the way. I have done the same for others and I know the likes of Aginley have too. I didn't buy something once because his need was greater than mine, and that's one of the nice things on here too. What goes around eh?

Pricing can be so difficult, especially when as a buyer you have waited a good while for that special part. I very nearly sold something large very cheaply just before lockdown here in Wales (which is why the deal couldn't be completed), and within hours had an offer for 3-4 times that amount (still couldn't sell because of lockdown btw).

I know I have bid against other members on eBay and that is what that particular site is about, so 'keeping it amongst ourselves first' seems such a wonderful way of doing things as far as I am concerned ;-)

That' a thank you by the way Mark ;-)

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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by danm »

I used to only sell on forums, I moved to FB as the forums elsewhere slowed down, this place is absolutely thriving though, wish I'd sold my twin carbs to you guys rather than FB.

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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by Bitsilly »

Another thank you from me!
I think there is enough in this community to fuel an interesting for sale section for years to come I hope.
I don't begrudge a few bob to someone who needs it, an honest days pay and all.
And after a good nights sleep I can't really resent those who find a bargain and sell it on for a profit, how could I!!
Peace and love y'all!

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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by hicklingmick »

I am member of a model railway forum.

On there items are placed for sale and if not sold then go on ebay.

It is frowned on to place on Ebay first before the forum although you cant stop it ,but sooner or later somebody that sold on ebay will be wanting something and the price to them has gone up 10% or so.

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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by miniminor »

Nice friendly folk on most forums Ive found - except the 'modern hatchback' type forums where they cant seem to have any thread which doesnt deteriorate into an abusive slanging mach :lol:

Had parts sent to me for free on a number of different forums, just for cost of postage, even one nice guy on "The Mini Forum" who sent me a 60's BMC Mini Workshop manual free and wouldnt even accept postage cost, just wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it.

If something is realistically priced I'll buy it, if something is optimistically priced I'll consider it and if its stupid money I'll give it a swerve.
(Still kicking myself I didnt pay the £400 for a mint NOS boxed Mini Minor grille though....)
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Re: Rip off merchants

Post by Highnumbers »

Exminiman wrote:
Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:00 am
I understand where Bitsilly is coming from, but to be honest I still think most people on here are really nice and honest. I have been sent items that I needed for just the cost of the postage (and I had to force that on them) .
Absolutely! That's a testament to the Mk1 forum here. In fact, it happened to me as recently as last week (cheers, Gary!) and I've certainly done the same for others here or on other online forums. That's the sort of thing that makes these forums a community of like-minded people and I would hope that never changes.

Cheers to you all.

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