Minisport First Catalog

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Minisport First Catalog

Post by Lakeland997 »

Minisport have released a pdf of their first catalog.
Have a trip down nostalgia lane: ... 0ac782.pdf
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Re: Minisport First Catalog

Post by mab01uk »

Green Shield Stamps given with every order! 8-)

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Re: Minisport First Catalog

Post by 360gts »

I still have a good selection of the early MS catalogs.....used to know Brian on a personal basis.
Had a mini speed shop here where I was a supplier of all his accessories and parts.. Can't see any dates on the catalogs....just ancient cheap prices LOL!
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Re: Minisport First Catalog

Post by finchy533 »

The pictures of Cyril Bolton in NCK on the left would be 75/76, and the picture of Ron Beecroft in the Sunbeam on the right probably 1981.

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