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Cole Liggett
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Re: M Machine

Post by Cole Liggett »

I placed a small order with Doreen in April and I had the patch panels delivered within 3 weeks and I’m in North America as well. They must have had these patch panels sitting on the shelf ready to dispatch.
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Re: M Machine

Post by Dearg1275 »

Having visited M Machine on numerous occasions to collect parts I think it is only fair to defend them a bit. They are a small operation with few but skilled staff. The large assemblies such as floors are assembled panel by panel on a jig. Many of their excellent panels are first pressed then hand finished, including welding where necessary, and fettled. It is not factory production in the modern sense. Some panels they buy in from the likes of Heritage and Magnum but many of these have to be altered to give the panels we want I.e. year and model specific.

In a normal year they can keep up with demand. They could also have a supplier problem. Many, many manufacturers have been shut down by Covid 19 and this may include their suppliers. That they are working at all is quite remarkable.

I know we are impatient to get on with our projects/businesses but for goodness sake cut them some slack. They above all pioneered panels accurate to date and model. If that seems like important please be patient.


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Re: M Machine

Post by IAIN »

Well said Dearg 1275

Only people who have seen mmachine and see how they make the panels would understand what is involved . It is a small firm running on old school lines. At the moment as you say, if they are still producing anything its amazing.

If not for them, most of the old early mini's would have been scraped years ago.

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Re: M Machine

Post by Andrew1967 »

Have to echo what David and Iain have said.

I visited MiniMachine years ago (before BMW decided they couldn’t use that name - bastards) and had a look round their workshop. I was very impressed with what I saw and as Iain has said, their excellent panels have saved many a car.

It might be quicker to obtain some panels from Somerford and the like but they are still possibly MiniMachine panels and maybe have a small supply of them in stock, produced before all the Covid 19 shite hit the world.

It could be worse...Dad phone Ex-pressed Steel panels last week for a front lower valence for his VDP - 14 week lead time !! And that’s for a panel that needs loads of additional work.

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Re: M Machine

Post by TECH396 »

I had a terrible experience trying to buy a large order of panels BEFORE all the CV19 nonsense began. It took 10 emails, 5phone calls and a lot of patience on my side. Wouldn't put myself through it again. Poor response to ALL emails.

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Re: M Machine

Post by Rolandino »

Dermott, and everyone else, try this supplier : http://magnumclassicminipanels.co.uk/

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Re: M Machine

Post by minimk1man »

I also have to echo support for M-Machine. They are a small business supplying excellent products. Probably the best around. They have been doing this
for a lot of years since Mini restoration became popular. Doreen and the team are both helpful and very knowledgeable and has previously been said get the detail correct. Maybe they are not the best in modern tech communication ( I know the feeling ) but there is always the old fashioned telephone call that can be made. Everyone is having problems in this covid era so if you want the best quality just be patient. I used to live fairy close to Darlington so at that time is was easy to just call in to see them but even after moving 170 miles south many years ago I still have no problem dealing with them.

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Re: M Machine

Post by mk1 »

The service offered by M-Machine is absolutely second to none. I have dealt with Doreen & Andy for maybe 25 years & have never had any cause to grumble. As has been said by a number of people, M-Machine is a small business but they have a consistently fantastic record shipping all over the world for many, many years.

Over the last few months most classic car businesses have been totally inundated by orders for stuff from people who have been locked in their homes, going mad for something to do. I know a few of these businesses & all are under terrific strain at the moment working long hours to try & keep customers happy.

As has been demonstrated, there are people on here who have received export orders so stuff is undoubtedly going out.

Now for the tricky bit.

A parts shop I used to go into had a sign over the counter saying something along the lines of "Prices vary according to customer attitude". I do wonder if this could be a similar case ?

Without putting too finer point on it, you can be a bit abrasive Dermott & if this is the case, which of course I don't know if it is. This could be a possible reason for you not having received your order.

Somerford have been M-Machine agents for years & do carry stocks of many, but not all parts. If you aren't happy with the service you are getting from M-Machine, it may be worth ordering the same parts from Somerford. They still come from M-machine though.
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Re: M Machine

Post by Tagus »

I haven't given up on M-Machine yet Doreen. We've enjoyed many short conversations since mid-March, my phone bill can attest to that. I know you're under pressure with this Covid thing going on so I have been very understanding with my order not being processed yet. I do hope you get the help you need to fill the orders of us needy Mini addicts. This lockdown is hard on everyone.
Take care,
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Re: M Machine

Post by Van13 »

Just thought I would give you guys an update on where I am on our order,it’s due to arrive today and it has taken double the time they quoted so just be patient or order early like I did

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