Welding helmets

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Re: Welding helmets

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harrymini wrote: Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:17 pm They aren't air fed like some blasting and spraying masks, they have a unit that attaches to a belt that sucks filtered air in, powered by a rechargeable battery.

If anyone is struggling with the decision of welding masks just for for an Esab sentinel either air fed or not, they are great.
I had a Speedglas /3M one years ago (it was new, very little used) it was terrible it accentuated the fan noise through the delivery hose it was like what they call white noise! l sold the breathing unit and took the snorkel off the helmet an sold that, still got the helmet. :)
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Re: Welding helmets

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I had a speedglas air fed and couldnt get on with it, thats they i ended up with the sentinel.
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Re: Welding helmets

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I had a scorpion helmet at once ... I wasn't really into it , It's just spending money
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