MG Rovers (& Minis) – how many left?

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MG Rovers (& Minis) – how many left?

Post by mab01uk »

Some interesting figures in this AROnline article.....

MG Rovers – how many left, now and later?
'John Batchelor, the chairman of the Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club, who has been undertaking some scientific study of the remaining cars, as well as plotting their future prospects by extracting their half-life figures. As John says, ‘it is importance for clubs to understand current vehicle numbers and likely future trends because it indicates the likely pool of members. It helps makes decisions regarding re-manufacture of parts and potential tooling routes – it may also help indicate future values due to rarity.’
Mini (ADO15, ADO20) = 23,500
MGB (ADO23) = 21,026
Austin/Rover/MG Metro/100 (LC8/R6) = 2305
Lots more figures for MG Rovers listed here:- ... many-left/

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Re: MG Rovers (& Minis) – how many left?

Post by mk1 »

I don't for a second believe that there are as many MGB's on the road as there are Mini's & Clubman's combined!
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Re: MG Rovers (& Minis) – how many left?

Post by surfblue63 »

Well according to how many left there are 23,000 MGB Roadster, GT and V8 taxed for the road with 15,000 on SORN, total of 38,000 registered.

For Minis the totals I can find are 23,600 on the road and 49,800 on SORN, total 73,400 registered. This does not include Hornets and Elfs.

So with 10 minutes of non-scientific research I have shown the figures of that study to be incorrect. That's the thing with statistics I found when I did an A-Level in it, it all goes wrong when you do not have the correct information.
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Re: MG Rovers (& Minis) – how many left?

Post by woodypup59 »

Surf - you've just posted the same thoughts I have.

I personally know of nearly as many pickups as "How many left" claim to exist.

Of course it suits sellers to claim "very rare" on the basis of HML.

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