Mk1 on eBay-again...

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

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I bought an engine off this guy not long ago. Seemed like a decent enough chap. The engine I bought was outrageously cheap £80 i think i paid for a 1293 block, rods and pistons and a gearbox. The pistons turned out to be omegas too, whether he knew that i don't know.

I had a quick look round the mk1, at the time it wasnt for sale. It looks pretty tidy at a quick glance, i didn't get under it or anything, but there was nothing obvious. I wouldn't be to hard on the guy. I'd say if your looking for a mk1 but not fussed about originality then you could do a lot worse. Certainly cheaper buying something like this then modifying, rather than an all original 850, or a rotten project.

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

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I'm the same when buying/selling cars. I don't do 8000 photos to a dreamer who never shows up. If you want something, you go armed with cash and make a decision upon inspection. If it's worth having, someone will have snuck in and bought it whilst others are 'thinking about it'.

The red 1960 heap of shit needing a complete rebuild for £5500? Half the price of something that's sorted and useable....

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Re: Mk1 on eBay-again...

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The seller has dropped the asking price on c&c by a grand….

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