Shell painting - costs

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Re: Shell painting - costs

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My painter last year told me the "material cost" for paint etc for a Mini Shell was circa £1000 +100 Labour Hours & you have the costs to repaint a bare Mini shell that is the Labour Preparation & Paint to..Underside + inside + Outside & Bonnet Boot & Doors .. then He has the kit & paint booth to pay out for + rent heating & rates + Taxman to pay... so i think i got a deal at £4k & a very good job was done ?

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Re: Shell painting - costs

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Think I paid £3500 for a full bare shell, included prep, luckily I had very little to weld, and it was for a competition car, so yes there were things we didnt do that you would for a show car, sand blasting £350 extra, i'm up north but the bodyshop got flooded out a few months later and he's never got set up again

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Re: Shell painting - costs

Post by Costafortune »

Rule of thumb with many car sprayers.

If they're cheap, they're crap.

If they're expensive, they're crap.

It's all about word of mouth and seeing the work they've done before. I can recommend a good place in Chesterfield but you're looking at around 3 grand to paint a bare shell - assuming it doesn't need shitloads of prep. Also, ALWAYS ask them to do the final prep. If you don't, every fault is your fault.

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Re: Shell painting - costs

Post by miniminor »

My brother paid £3000 about 9-10 years ago for an Elf shell fully painted and finished. Thought that was OTT back then but it is a stunning job and still looks superb nearly 10 years later.
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Re: Shell painting - costs

Post by NicholasUpton »

All I restore in my shop is mini’s. Being in one of the most expensive states in the USA along with the regulations that I have to follow have driven the cost up. Based on what your describing in the original post figure $7500- 10k for a nice paint job depending on the condition of the body, and the color cost. Show car restorations normally run double that. As we color sand and polish the engine bay, interior panels and complete exterior.

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