New venture in Derbyshire....

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New venture in Derbyshire....

Post by Metronick »

Being developed by the chap that used to own Blyton.
Looks to be a similar set up to Gaydon albeit on a smaller scale and more interactive.
Should be a great meeting place in a stunning location.... ... 6BVjAxuqoU

Nick :)
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Re: New venture in Derbyshire....

Post by mk1 »

I spoke to Richard about his new venture at Blyton last year it sounded really interesting. He had certainly managed to find a lot of very interesting "Practical Classics".

As Nick says, it could be a very good venue for a meet up in the summer.
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Re: New venture in Derbyshire....

Post by spoon.450 »

Very local to me.... I’ll pursue this.

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Re: New venture in Derbyshire....

Post by colonel mustard »

same here, only about 15mins from me.
will keep a look out!

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