360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

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360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

Post by roymck »

Watching Misfit garage last night on Discovery Shed it featured Barrett Jackson Auctions , noticed twice a Red Works replica Cooper S , 360 AUN anybody recognise the car ?
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Re: 360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

Post by Pete »

Ex Peter Valentine hitoric rally car, sold to the U.S in the 90s I seem to remember.
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Re: 360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

Post by Johnny »

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Re: 360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

Post by mk1coopers »

I'm sure that Peter advised the seller to have it shipped over and sold in the UK, they didn't and ended up with quite a low price as there was no reserve set either.

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Re: 360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

Post by SMOKE GREY »

As far as I know it's owned by Bill Rogers, a lovely fella, a Brit in the states who competes and has a rally school, and originally rallied with Peter Valentine in 60-64 in 850 Minis.

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Re: 360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

Post by mab01uk »

Update on 360 AUN recent history received from Peter Valentine below:-

Hi Martin,
I built/restored 360 AUN in 1989/90 as an FIS Group 2 1071 'S'. It was 1099 cc (bored +0.020") and was able to enter the up-to-1200 cc class.

My great friend Bill Rogers with whom, by coincidence I did my first rally with exactly 60 years ago today, came over from California and we did the Belgian Historic in 1990 with him driving. We were actually the first crew to compete in a rally in a red Mini with white roof, in 1961, when Bill got a new 850 Mini for his 21st birthday.

On the Belgian Historic we got a class win, but then Bill wanted to buy the 1071, so it was shipped to California about a year later and he did some sprints and autotests in it. At the time I was building a Mk.1 1275 'S'. my son had a 998 with a 970 'S' engine and I had sold my Mk.2 'S', UXD 725G, in which I did the 1989 Pirelli Marathon, to the late Norman Grimshaw.

Bill moved to Arizona and decided that he wished to sell the Cooper 'S' because his garage was not big enough for the Mini and his 1965 Sunbeam Tiger. I suggested that he send it over here, I would make sure the equipment was up to date and that it met the current FIA regs for historics, then I would take it to Silverstone for auction. Barrie Williams said that it was worth up to £55,000, maybe more when I showed him the photos.

However, Bill decided to put it in the Barrett Jackson auction in AZ without reserve. It only made just over $20,000, which in hindsight was a 'giveaway' figure. Bill was disappointed, but philosophical about it. After that it changed hands again then came back to the UK. Apparently it was bought by an American lady who has shipped it back to the USA and intends to race it.

He and I did the Sunbeam Tiger 50th anniversary run from N. France to Monaco in 2014 when he shipped the Tiger over for a few months. It was fun driving a California registered car in the UK & France. Last year we did the Bath-Lombard Rally in my 'S', CNX 132B and we did it again this year.

Bill didn't have a rally school, he had a business called 'Motor Sport Memories' which was/is a photography business catering for rallying in the USA. It is now owned and run by a friend of Bill.

Assuming we get an entry I am going to Arizona next March to do the 'Copperstate 1000 Rally' in the Tiger with Bill.

Feel free to copy this onto the Mk.1 forum if you wish.

All the best,

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Re: 360 AUN 1071S registered 1964

Post by mk1 »

Great update, Thanks MAB
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