New Zealand visit !

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Dave Lovell
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New Zealand visit !

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I'm trundling round New Zealand next week from sunny Cornwall........any owners in New Zealand fancy a meet and a coffee....I've got a '64 Cooper...'63 Woody and a Mk1 Scamp.....Cheers........Dave :P

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Re: New Zealand visit !

Post by AndyPen »

Not too sure about NZ, but am in Cornwall once in a while ;-)

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Re: New Zealand visit !

Post by minimad »

l'm right down the bottom in Invercargill if you want to stop by and see my messy sheds and have a coffee :)

Kiwi Craig
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Re: New Zealand visit !

Post by Kiwi Craig »

I'm in Hamilton, just an hour and a half south of Auckland.
Let us know your route and approx dates.
You're more than welcome.

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