Nervous & twitchy handling

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Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by Alex »

Bit of an odd one. I've dug Betty out of storage and she's become horrible to drive !
Suzy took her half a mile and has refused to drive her again.
Nervous and twitchy, she seems to have no stability and is constantly moving around - feels like front end but might not be. Nothing seems to be loose or clonky when jacked up and vigorously wobbled. Tracking has been checked and the toe, camber, and castor are as before.

The only thing I can think of is that I've now got an ATB fitted...
I'm fairly sure someone here will have a road-going ATB in use - so before I start stripping the front suspension are they normally like this ?

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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by Lakeland997 »

In a word, no.
I can't feel the ATB operating compared with a normal diff. I sometimes wonder if mine is even there.

You say 'out of storage', how long? What about the tyres?
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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by mk1 »

You won't feel an ATB in normal use. I tend to agree with lakeland The tyres could be worth looking at, also the shocks.
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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by Alex »

Storage is a loose term, I just don't use her as much as I used to since the rust crept in. Two years since she was a daily, half a dozen outings in the last 18 months.

The tyres are newish 032s and are in good condition - I even checked that I hadn't put them on the wrong sides.
I did wonder about shocks, they are probably five years old at least, and have done quite a lot of work. Only standard spec KYBs so might be up for a change.

I've had tiebar bushes and castor/toe suggested as well, and I'm suspicious of the top arms as we've encountered a similar thing before on Tigger.

The big thing from this is that the ATB shouldn't make any difference - so thank you for that.

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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by whistler »

Try greasing the ball joints. If they dry out then the front end can be a bit 'strange'.

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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by davidnutland »

To much castor angle....?

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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by Spider »

I find the ATB does make it feel more positive on the road, if anything.

Check Tyre Pressures, especially the Rear ones.

Check too that something (subframe?) in the back end hasn't collapsed.

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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by iain1967s »

Pull back the gator and check the end of the steering rack where the track rod goes into the rack tube on the passenger side. If the plastic bushing has disintegrated the rack can wobble all over the place inside the tube and make the car steer all by itself.

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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by Catmint »

Also loose/worn splines in the steering rack to column - not easy to detect without taking apart but try vigorously turning the wheel and see if there is any discrepancy in movement

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Re: Nervous & twitchy handling

Post by jay weinstein »

Steering rack U bolts loose?

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