997 cooper brake intensifier cylinder .

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997 cooper brake intensifier cylinder .

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This has been in my shed for 40 years now since l bought it brand new from a Leyland parts destock , must be rare as these days and l'm never going to use it so anyone care to put a value on it please to sell ? .
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Re: 997 cooper brake intensifier cylinder .

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Very scarce item indeed.

To answer your question, it all depends on the condition of the bore.

If you are able, it would be worth removing the big nut.

Fingers crossed, the piston won't be seized, in which case, remove it and examine the bores.

Rebuilding the intensifier (if the bores aren't scored) is straightforward, but you will need to source seals to fit.

I have a couple of these which have suffered internal corrosion.

Some firms offer a sleeving service, I haven't found one in the UK but maybe somebody can recommend one.

A perfect NOS unit (bores and seals definitely A1) would command strong money on EBay, I wouldn't be surprised at £250 as a low end estimate.

Hope you are lucky here.


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Re: 997 cooper brake intensifier cylinder .

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I have a NOS one still in the wax paper and box. As I recall they were not giving them away when I bought it. Steve (CTR)

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Re: 997 cooper brake intensifier cylinder .

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This lot can re-sleeve anything.

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