More Modern Fuel Woes

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Re: More Modern Fuel Woes

Post by Exminiman »

Bit of track, but lawnmower fired up on last years fuel......normally add some Redex to petrol, maybe that helps? :?

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Re: More Modern Fuel Woes

Post by mk1 »

Stale modern fuel seems to work OK on low compression engines.

Our Austin 7 & MG J2 both start up no problem on stale fuel, but the Mini's hate it.
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Re: More Modern Fuel Woes

Post by surfblue63 »

Just noticed that some petrol station have changed the labelling on their pumps.

I was at a Shell the other day filling up my daily driver and noticed that their regular unleaded is 95ron and 5% ethanol, the V-Power is 99ron and 5% ethanol.

At ESSO today filling up on of my Minis there regular is also 95ron and 5% ethanol whilst their premium is 97ron and 5% ethanol.

I guess I will be searching out Shell more for use in the Minis due to the octane rating being more suitable.

Here is an example of the pump labelling

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