Blyton 2019

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Blyton 2019

Post by Andrew1967 »

Just got back from another great day out at Blyton.

As usual some brilliant cars on and off the track. Some of the engineering and builds of these cars are just awesome.

Great to catch up with forumers and pass on goods and buy some myself.

Thanks to Nick W for a brilliant few laps in ONP .... what a fantastic car ... :D

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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by billycooper »

Yep another belter, we took DJJ, Nicks gained a little bit of sponsorship from
His boss (11 degrees clothing) for our local Hillclimbs at Barbon this year, so just a bit of a test for us, although he kept telling me where I was going wrong when I drove it ! Love the youth of today !

Oh and talking of youth, Adam was blindingly fast today , loved the jag engined Mini and great to see Pauls GRX

Thanks as always to Mark and Pete , roll on number 7, oh and it be great to see a few of you at Harewood on the 1st June! , still time to enter !

Couple of pics on my Flickr site, including the pic of the magic flying bonnet ! ( err this was me!), more to go on I’ll edit ... 8097781867
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jimi hendrix 544b
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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by jimi hendrix 544b »

likewise, brilliant day,even the weather played ball, fingers crossed for the same Monday, thanks for all you have done and hope the donations beea last years

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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by Beatie »

Can only echo what’s been said above :D
Great day with a ridiculously fantastic selection of cars .
Were there any Blyton 6 window stickers ?
Cheers guys for another great day

kit of bits
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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by kit of bits »

Fantastic day thanks chaps.
Good to see everyone, best event of the year as always..

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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by spoon.450 »

Looking forward to being part of it tomorrow

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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by olddave »

Ditto to all the above. Such a friendly and unique event. Nice to meet up with old and new friends.

Thanks especially to Mark and Pete for putting it on again, keep filling the collection buckets.

Not forgetting the fantastic selection of cars.

All the best for tomorrow
Dave (the slowest pensioner on the track) and Andrew

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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by SKIPPY68 »

Another Brilliant Blyton , great atmosphere on and off the track ,
attracting people from all over the globe ..

Nice to see such a virility of different vehicles as ever .

Thanks to Chris in his blue minivan for having a friend minivan
Skid about on the track , was lots of fun ...

A bit cold for camping in the back of a minivan
But we’ll worth it , roll on tomorrow....

The Chinese down the road is very nice .....

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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by steve1071 »

Another cracking Blyton with great cars as ever.

4 1/2 hours to do the 60 miles back wasn’t good including 9 break downs! We think down to a dodgy condensor. When we finally broke down in a pub car park it was shut for a private bloody party!

Thanks to Mark, Pete and everyone involved in running it.

Now, where does my pal return his trophy.....

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Re: Blyton 2019

Post by Costafortune »

Very good indeed - I think the weather was OK today as well. I braved three laps in the Hornet of Terror, and lived. :lol:

Top marks Chaps.

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