Don’t look at the accessory site

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Don’t look at the accessory site

Post by snoopy64 »


Never found this site before, probably popped up as I’m working overseas for a couple of days...

If you get to the picnic table then just think I snapped one in half in a moment of madness..30 years ago!

Some punchy Marchal lamp pricing! Yikes!


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Re: Don’t look at the accessory site

Post by IslandBlue »

Pretty punchy pricing all round! :roll:

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Re: Don’t look at the accessory site

Post by Highnumbers »

I guess the prices are targeted at people who prefer to equip their classic car via a "one-stop vintage motoring web-shop" instead of searching bit-by-bit at parts fairs, auto jumbles, eBay and forums like the rest of us do.

Must be nice! But I enjoy finding unique parts one-by-one, it would be boring to just load your e-Basket and buy everything at once.

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