Pedal box

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Pedal box

Post by Domo »

Can any one tell me, the pedal box, is it painted black or should it be body colour? mine is black.

My shell will soon be going to paint and would like to know if i need to change the colour.

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Re: Pedal box

Post by jerry »


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Re: Pedal box

Post by AndyPen »

jerry wrote:Black
Yes, I have an old original here and it is satin black, with remnants of soundproofing material where it fits against the body shell ;-)

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Re: Pedal box

Post by Peter Laidler »

And very easy to rebuild/restore when it's out and on the bench. Make sure that your strip, clean and grease up the pivot points of the pedals before you assemble it New bushes for thepedals are available if the pedals are a sloppy fit on the axis pin. And make sure that if the holes for the brake and clutch clevis pins in the pedals are not even slightly oval before you reassemble it. If so, fix them before you put it back.

When you assemble it to the car, might I suggest that you disconnect the pedal actuating spring from the pedals, THEN assemble it to the car, THEN connect the clutch and brake push rod, THEN hook the actuating spring behind the pedals. Just done it!!!!!

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