Garage flooring

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Re: Garage flooring

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For me its always good to spend when "her in doors" wants New House Carpets.. her ex house cord back Carpets work a treat laid on my Garage Floor & give a bit of comfort when i kneel on it during the cold winter days .. also the Carpet stops condensation on the surface of my floor in winter. + i use the old Vac; it keeps the Garage Carpets tidy.
Mini Tyres keep happy with a bit of comfort as well :o
Quite agree. That is what I do. When it gets too tatty just replace with more. :)

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Re: Garage flooring

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Dr S wrote:The floor in the garage is the only original one left so it’s been down since 78. I’m fairly certain it’s cured :-)
I think I’m leaning towards going with interlocking tiles, but looking at the costs i’ll Put up the lean too first ( that’ll get us another 36sqm of storage ).

Floor paints look like a lot of hassle and involve taking everything out for a fortnight

The tiles or similar thinner stuff on a roll are great, even a bit of bounce when you drop that last sealed beam you have !!!


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Re: Garage flooring

Post by jerry »

floor tiles insulate against the cold floor. much more comfortable than standing, sitting or lying on a cold concrete floor.

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