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Author:  Peter Laidler [ Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Comments from a new kid.........

I've been reading lots and lots of previous comments and articles on the forum over the past few days and it seems that generally speaking, modern rubber or rubberised components are made from what has been described in technical language as 'total crap'. And I agree. It seems to me as it MIGHT be OK when it's made and on the shelf but as soon as it gets onto the car with a bit of oil or grease saturation it turns to shxx and splits.

SURELY there is an answer........ You speak to any Norton Commando owner about the new rubbers available for their old bikes. Same as Triumph owners (if you can find anyone who'll admit to owning a Triumph..... Just joking). There's absolutely NO problem obtaining good quality rubber/neoprene bushes, hangers, fork and foot rest rubbers........ you know the sort of thing. They wouldn't stand for crap!

Look manufacturers and buyers, get onto the Norton motorcycle spares suppliers and ask them where they get their good quality pliable products from. End of problem!

If they supplied sub standard petrol pipe tube and that split the subsequent Court case would certainly up their game. You'd have to pay for the better quality but like my mum always used to say, it's like shopping at Marks and Spencers. You only get what you pay for!

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