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General Chat with an emphasis on BMC Minis & Other iconic cars of the 1960's. Includes information on MK1 Action days.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by miniminor »

....... but apart from that it's all OK! 🤣

Bloody hell you lot are something else.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by 66Traveller »

finchy533 wrote: Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:21 pm To be fair, they have knocked a couple of marks off for ‘Car history file’. Perhaps because the V5 that matches the shell is missing...
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Colin a »

Hi all, mine is April 1970 and has everything this one hasn't including the British Leland sticker on the rocker cover and T boot lid handle, it has never had a complete overhaul.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by CMC »

I'll add
(y) single tower bolt subframe

So, a post May '76 shell with pre May '76 bits added. Could well be restored using a BMH Clubman shell.

I wouldn't mind owning it, but not at that price estimate.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by steve1071 »

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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Aginley »

That’s pretty Nice 👍🏻. Odd sun visors
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Simon776 »

Odder still that it has a rare 1966 high seat belt mounting shell! :shock:
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Exminiman » MCR sticker in window and the classic; “ No warning lights on dashboard” :lol:
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by mk1 »

Nice car, despite it obviously having the wrong shell.
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Re: At The Auctions

Post by Costafortune »

'This hot hatch’s exterior has been enhanced with the addition of anodised aluminium Raydyot door mirrors'

Righto Tarquin. :roll: :lol:
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