early moke /pin ups

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Nick W
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early moke /pin ups

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not much health&safety here...july 66
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Re: early moke /pin ups

Post by madaboutcherry »

why is that girl giving us the bird? :)

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Re: early moke /pin ups

Post by nimbusprint »

Those photos bring back very fond memories of a trip in 1970/71, late night pub decision :o girl friend at the time needed to get back to Yorkshire from the LSU @ Southampton, so decided to drive up, in a Moke!!!! all of a sudden extra hands went up asking to "TAG" along. Next day 4 guys and 2 girls left Southampton heading off to first stop at what became know as "Piggin"Dewsbury, Dropped the girls off and then on to Lindisfarne now "lightly" loaded with only 4 guys on board.
Interestingly with the girls on board we never got stopped once, but with 4 long haired scruffs on our own, we were stopped twice in Northumberland and once on the way back between Weadon and Silverstone. Obviously not as photogenic as the the pin up types illustrated here.
Just spoken to one of the party, who reminded me that I spent the whole trip up, moaning about fuel consumption, surely not!! :o

good memories


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Re: early moke /pin ups

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Nick W wrote:not much health&safety here...july 66
The pole dancer is at least wearing Hi-Vis
Has any body seen a dog dyed dark green?

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Re: early moke /pin ups

Post by Pandora »

It's all right, I've checked and it's all fine.

Just need to get a moke so I can complete my own dynamic risk assessment


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Re: early moke /pin ups

Post by Tim »

My record in the student days was 11 on board. 7 inside, the others either 'urban surfing' on the sides or sitting on the bonnet. We didn't have far to go so I guess it was OK.

The owner of that Moke had a sad story of losing an attractive young lady overboard on the way home from the pub. The evening ended somewhat less romantically than he'd hoped.

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