Downton V997

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Re: Downton V997

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Re: Downton V997

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Holding a current MOT!
Interesting that it appears to be currently MOT'd but not registered :shock:
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Re: Downton V997

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DOWNTON Mini is what I like a lot.
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Re: Downton V997

Post by Pete »

Didn't he make couple of those V997 lookalikes?

Still on the system...

Registration number: 594 SWL

Not taxed for on road use

No details held by DVLA

Vehicle details
Vehicle make :MORRIS
Date of first registration :04 October 1963
Year of manufacture :1963
Cylinder capacity (cc) :1071cc
CO₂Emissions :Not available
Fuel type :PETROL
Vehicle status :Not taxed
Vehicle colour :BLUE
Vehicle type approval :Not available
Wheelplan :2 AXLE RIGID BODY
Revenue weight :Not available
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Re: Downton V997

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He probably sold the cars to Japan and kept the identities, hence no visible car :o
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Re: Downton V997

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mk1 wrote:it is however by modern standards in my opinion pretty average.
Why are you judging classic cars by modern standards?
Or is there something i'm missing here?

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Re: Downton V997

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Cars are easier to restore today than back in the early 90s , with full floor panels and some good reproduction Items ,Ebay has made it easier but more expensive to find Nos parts , and restorers always trying to top the last job has pushed the bar higher for today's restorations
(Modern standards)

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Re: Downton V997

Post by Pete »

That's exactly it and as car restoration evolves discerning owners / restorers tend not to accept ill fitting doors or wrong sills, front panels etc nowadays. It's all Fred's fault. :lol: I remember when GPH 1C turned up at Combe for a shake down when GH had finished building it and noticed the rear badges were all over the shop, I bet they're not now!

Greg's cars were kind of ground breaking for their time in terms of Mini restoration. Restorations utilising rare 60s tuning bits etc and some of the work was quite creative, those lock pads, etc and some of the other made up stuff using an etching kit. Widely accepted by the Japs as the real deal I'm sure!
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Re: Downton V997

Post by Pandora »

Interesting comments on Facebook for a chap who recalls the car arriving with GH as an original ex-racer with lots of documentation etc, but missing windows and with very minor rust on a wing. Apparently GH made only minor changes - wheels / steering wheel etc.

Interesting to hear another view on it, anyway

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Re: Downton V997

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Here's a photograph of it in the paddock at Silverstone in the late sixties during the annual MGCC race meeting.
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