Caught on Camera (by Electricians)

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Caught on Camera (by Electricians)

Post by mab01uk »

Professional Electrician & Installer magazine have a regular feature called - 'Caught on Camera', of something shocking, funny or surprising seen by electricians while out on a job.
Scroll down in the links below sent in each month to be shocked.... :o ... arch-2021/
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Re: Caught on Camera (by Electricians)

Post by woodypup59 »

Dare I say ...... Shocking !
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Re: Caught on Camera (by Electricians)

Post by mk1 »

As an electrical wholesaler, we hear of stuff like this every day.

The best one was a man who got a shock every time her went to wipe his bum. Some old wiring had been stuffed in a hole behind the metal bog roll holder & the live wire was trapped between the wall & the fitting! If he had been earthed while taking a dump, it would have been goodnight Vienna!

PS. We think we know who did it, but it's our sacred oath never to dob our customers in :lol:
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Re: Caught on Camera (by Electricians)

Post by Spider »

One of my favorites :(

Skip to the 1 minute mark,,,,,,
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