Aston Martin F1 Car

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Aston Martin F1 Car

Post by 360gts »

Aston have released some pictures of their new F1 car....must say it does look sweet. I understand it will be at Silverstone on Thursday.
Looks so much better than the pink car....should be quite competitive as it retains the Merc power unit and the rear suspension...among other bits.
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Re: Aston Martin F1 Car

Post by r.tec »

Imagine a 1950s AM DBR1 propelled by a Mercedes-Benz 300SL 8-inline engine!

The times they are a changin'!
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Re: Aston Martin F1 Car

Post by trevorhp »

It would probably be better with the original engine......this new one just went B***g
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Re: Aston Martin F1 Car

Post by Exminiman »

So, as far as I can work out..

Aston Martin run AMG engine, on and off the track.

AMG boss running Aston Martin.

AMG owned by Mercedes

Might as well,just make Aston Martin the new “AM class Mercedes” ....and be done with it :lol:
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