Delorean : Back to the Future

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Delorean : Back to the Future

Post by snoopy64 »

Did anyone else catch this documentary on BBC?

My goodness it brought back some memories and I had completely forgotten the Lotus connection

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Peter Laidler
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Re: Delorean : Back to the Future

Post by Peter Laidler »

As a Commando rider, when Norton were NVT based at Andover I used to go there for the occasional spare parts. It a nearby warehouse were the remaining stash of spare parts and what looked like unfinished cars. Probably all destined for the USA. Mind you, so were crates and crates of Commando spares too.

I didn't even know there was a Lotus connection but I enjoyed the programme. It was a bit spooky - not least those 70s and 80's hair styles. As for those looooooong shirt collars......
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Re: Delorean : Back to the Future

Post by floormanager »

Yes watched it, very interesting. I knew about Lotus and Colin Chapman. Also knew that had Chapman not suddenly died he would have most likely been put on trial. The money was never recovered. How he got off the drugs charge was quite amazing, What an earth was he thinking. Felt sorry for the workforce. He gave them a lot of hope only to have their dreams dashed.
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