Any of you ride motorcycles?

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Peter Laidler
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Re: Any of you ride motorcycles?

Post by Peter Laidler »

Yep, me too. Old white and black 750 Norton Commando.
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Re: Any of you ride motorcycles?

Post by goff »

Yes a motorbike , Royal Enfield 350 THUNDERBIRD , 55 mph on the flat , 60 down hill , plenty fast enough for me , only out on hot dry days :D .
Mini Mad Swede
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Re: Any of you ride motorcycles?

Post by Mini Mad Swede »

Riding a bike be it pedal powered or engine powered must be a great way , if not the best way of selfisolating?!
While still keeping sane.

Maybe totally wrong..?
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Re: Any of you ride motorcycles?

Post by harrymini »

I have barely been out in any of the lockdowns, yes would be a great way to have a few hours of fun, but my opinion is if something goes wrong and you end up in hospital you put even more strain on the NHS, and lets be honest, they dont need any more of that.

I bet its bad enough with DIY accidents with everyone doing bits and bobs.
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