What will our 'New Normal' be like?

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Re: What will our 'New Normal' be like?

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mab01uk wrote: Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:41 pm

Totally agree, the current generation of 'dumbed down' TV 'journalists' seem totally incapable of asking any intelligent worthwhile questions for their audience. I look forward with hope that the new GB TV daily news channel coming soon featuring the 'old school' Andrew Neil will be less moronic with their questions!

Totally agree and journalist's seem to do nothing but dumb us down, with a constant barage of repetative news. the slow demise of broadsheets is killing independant newsworth journalists.

Every single year electronic news feeds from the Mail predict super freeze artic blasts with minus 25 degree temps how often does that come true, along with a whole load of other bull.

Where is the news on the aviation industry, and areas of the world that rely on purely being holiday destinations, the cruise ship industry all the business's that have been decimated this last twelve months certain areas of the economy must in absolute tatters but we here no other news than Covid. Ramming it down peoples throat constantly has the opposite effect making people sick of hearing about it.

Boris and his team get some stick he is an arse cause he didnt close schools quick enough, he is an arse becuase he hasnt opened schools quick enough and many other similiar scenarios
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Re: What will our 'New Normal' be like?

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It does seem strange that the EU have told Belgian Health authorities to visit Astra Zeneca and see why deleveries are behind when the EU have only authorised Pfizer or Modena vaccines so far and not Astra Zeneca vaccine and placed there order 3 months after UK.

They even want UK made vaccine sent to EU beside threating to stop EU made vaccine being sent to UK.

Have been twice to the EU building in sprout city regarding vaping ,I can tell you they think there bigger than anybody else in the world and if you dont do what they ask then trouble will follow.

But I dont think we will be the last to leave the EU,more will follow .

As for tv presenters etc ,even this morning on BBC Breakfast Naga asked Michael Gove about vaccinating teachers ,he explained that Gov trying to do most vulnerable first to ease pressure on NHS.

Straight after his reply she asked same question again ,guess auto Que had stopped working.
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Re: What will our 'New Normal' be like?

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Sorry, this is straying off topic and I don't want this to start any kind of shit fight fight either
hicklingmick wrote: Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:28 pm They even want UK made vaccine sent to EU beside threating to stop EU made vaccine being sent to UK.
As an off-lander, I've been watching the whole EU / UK / Brexit from the sideline and granted, I may not have all the details and a feet on the ground feel for it all, but this to me highlights in part a good reason for the UK to have left the EU.

I get the ease of across border trading that it bought with it and this is much of what I've read about from business people, based in the UK, in particular moaning about, with the biggest being the loudest.

However, there was so much more to the whole EU alliance that I don't hear a lot talking of, in the effectively, the people and Government of the UK had lost control of their own country. With that, the EU only eyed off the UK as a piggy bank and a door mat. I think this alone was a good reason to get out. When it's broken down, the business community based in the UK and trading in the EU were profiting their business and their own wealth on the backs of all UK Tax payers. If they really thought they'd have better business opportunity within the EU, there's little that would have stopped them relocating, but that many have chosen to stay to me shows they wanted their cake and to eat it too.

Getting back on topic, it's a shame with the UK being an Island Nation that the borders took so long to close, the horse has well bolted now and is almost pointless doing so. I suspect the Brexit transition had some part in the decision to keep them open.

It's also a shame right at the start of the pandemic, back about last Feb, that the whole world couldn't have held it's economic breath for about 6 - 8 weeks and all countries closed their borders, then by now we would be talking of how we dodged a bullet. The economic pain I'm sure would have been way less than what we're all facing now. Here in Aust, we closed our borders hard and early and also many states closed their borders as well. The Virus while still in the community has largely been kept under control, granted, there's been some out breaks, and we did get a bump in the road with our economy, but for the most part, many sectors, save for Hospitality and Tourism, are presently booming with some sectors having a supply issue.
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Re: What will our 'New Normal' be like?

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In my view, whether in the EU or the UK or else where, we have been let down badly by our politicians and also by the journalists who have not held them to task.
Now the politicians on all sides are looking for ways to off load any blame.....whether thats on to other countries, vaccine manufacturers, medical experts or their own citizens.......
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