Road Tax

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Road Tax

Post by nick@dunsdale »

Anybody got any prediction to how road tax will pan out over the next 5 years

Current cars that are zero road tax pre 2017 vehicles for instance a 2016 Kia rio that is free to tax at the moment do you think this will continue ??

The higher polutting vehicles over 150 g/km that are expensive at the moment will they punish these cars further to get them off the road ?

Full eletric zero cost at the moment in the supposed 9 years time how will they fill the blackhole left from not collecting VED by milage ?, seems to be plenty talk about milage already.
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Re: Road Tax

Post by mk1 »

I reckon they will have to bring in a new system charging an annual amount based on original purchase price or maybe current value. Maybe with "discounts" to encourage purchase behaviour.

The current system is on it's arse & becomes less & less justifiable with each change.
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