Longbridge at Work - 1935 film

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Longbridge at Work - 1935 film

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"Men Who Work" (9 mins)
"Metropolis meets Top Gear in Longbridge, as the 19,000 men (and women) of the Austin motor factory go to work. , as the 19,000 men (and women) of the Austin motor factory go to work. This finely crafted film gives an atmospheric, engaging portrait of the Austin motor car works at Longbridge. As the title suggests, it puts a respectful focus on the men behind the machines with some fine photography. The film was produced by the Travel and Development Association of Great Britain and Ireland - TIDA - formed to encourage international trade and tourism in the 1930s.
It is noticeable that when the film details the work of the factory floor it goes to great lengths to emphasise the craftsmanship of the men who operate the machines. Yet the description of the equally fascinating pay room emphasises the ingenuity and efficiency of the calculating and counting machines - almost forgetting about the women who operate them."
https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/wat ... ine?fbclid
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Re: Longbridge at Work - 1935 film

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mab01uk thanks for posting this film , very interesting , my dads uncle and his two sons worked at Austins , uncle was in the forging , one of his sons was a pattern maker and the other one became high up in managment , all are past now , the yougest past a year last October aged 84 , they all lived in the black country , used to come up to Yorkshire to our family in the 60s , the youngest kept on coming until he was too old , but always came to the funerals , sad but no one let us know when he died a year last October , i alway got a Christmas card from him but never in 2018 , searched facebook , town of Halesowen and found out he had died October !!! last time I seen him was 2014 , i was in Halesowen and called in to see him , Sad that the distant relatives could not let us know , he never married but is brother did and had children, end of an era :( :( :( .
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