Metro mk1 ‘S’

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Metro mk1 ‘S’

Post by Metronick »

First of the quick Metros, the very rare launch model Metro 1.3S.
It needs a lot of work but so original, must be worth saving? ... SwKDhf70e6

Nick :)
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Re: Metro S

Post by LuisM »

I've noticed this car... should be a really early car,
is the verto clutch factory fitted ?
I had an early metro 1.3 S as donor, similar engine but already verto clutch with inertia starter ring gear

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Re: Metro S

Post by Old English White »

It already has some good bids! I hope they DO become collectable. Then my 40 year old stock of coachlining tape will go towards my pension :lol:
I think I ordered some to do one wing and got sent about 100yards of the stuff which cost a small fortune and was "special order no returns" :cry:
Metro coachline tape.JPG
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Re: Metro mk1 ‘S’

Post by Costafortune »

I had a couple back in the eighties to buy and sell. One was Nautilus blue, the other black. When I think how rotten W plate Metros could be in 1988, it's a miracle any survive.
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