Superb Landcrab....

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Re: Superb Landcrab....

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Costafortune wrote: Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:46 pm Women in particular hated them.
They LOVED the room on the back seat :P :P , better than a skinny in a mini :lol: ;) :D
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Re: Superb Landcrab....

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Yes. A good courting car. The 1800 had an extraordinary amount of space in the back :lol:
Has it ever been equaled in an "ordinary" car?
And, all those years ago, they were fitted as standard with rear seat belt mountings if I remember correctly :o
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Re: Superb Landcrab....

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I love the 1800 and hope to have one of mine on the road soon.
Regarding the courting room, I have no doubt that they would be a fine courting vehicle but I'm not sure now that my wife would be keen on a grapple in a lay by :lol:
However a lot of years ago when I was out in my old maxi and older gent stopped to talk about it asking me if I knew the seats folded into a double bed. I said yes but told him that herself might not be keen on the old musty smell (or as we'd say "foosty"), only to be told that if she was rightly in the notion it'd take more than a foosty smell to put her off :lol:
Some day when I'm older, I hope the Good Lord preserves me to have a huge dose of crabs
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