Modified Metros : Metro Monaco (nee Cooper)

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Modified Metros : Metro Monaco (nee Cooper)

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Modified Metros : Metro Monaco (nee Cooper)
"Unbelievably, this Metro was not offered as a ‘factory backed’ conversion, even though it came with a blue chip pedigree.
John Cooper Garages offered this car (later renamed the Metro Monaco for legal reasons) as a conversion on customers’ own cars…
That most illustrious of names associated with the Mini during the 1960s made a welcome return in 1981 when John Cooper introduced his own Metro Cooper, as sold through his own ARG dealerships. Unlike the Janspeed and Turbo Technics performance Metros, the Cooper Metro relied on the adoption of a twin carburettor set-up, a wilder cam profile and freer flowing exhaust system." ... ro-cooper/

John Cooper mentions two Metro Cooper prototypes in this 1982 MTN interview with David Vizard:-

Cooper Metro:-
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