ADO16 clutch hose / pipe

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ADO16 clutch hose / pipe

Post by Andrew1967 »

From what I can work out, there appears to be possibly two types of clutch hydraulics on an ADO16

1 - clutch hose and steel pipe from master to hose, similar to a Mini one and an identical slave cylinder

2 - a clutch pipe, steel at either end with a red nylon pipe in the middle and a clutch slave cylinder with vertical inlet and bleed ports.

Dad's '73 VDP was auto and is now manual. There is no bracket to fit the Mini type hydraulic rubber hose so we presume we need the steel/nylon pipe as per 2 above.

My Lockheed manual only lists the Mini style set up.

Can anyone help with pictures of the other set up and also any part numbers, whether OE or aftermarket of the pipe and slave cylinder.

Is it a Girling product ?

thanks in advance. :)

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Re: ADO16 clutch hose / pipe

Post by mk1 »

I have only seen the "usual" Mini type.

Admittedly, not on a huge sample though.
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Re: ADO16 clutch hose / pipe

Post by Beatie »

I’ve got a photo some where of the 71 MG arrangement if you did not keep that part of the car ?
I think clutch cylinder was in a box on back seat ?
Would expect them to be same ?

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