Vanden Plas 1800 Prototype

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Vanden Plas 1800 Prototype

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Re: Vanden Plas 1800 Prototype

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bmc must of had the same bunch of ostriches that were on the board of bsa motor bikes or were all british industry leaders the same
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Re: Vanden Plas 1800 Prototype

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Maybe that one "could" have been a missed opportunity, but one of the biggest problems with BMC by the late 60's & early 70's was all those different brands supposedly competing against each other. Rival dealer networks, multiple parts chains & worst of all competing loyalties within BMC.

By the early 1970's BMC was rotten to the core & only a wholesale clear out could possibly have saved them. They never got it & as we all know limped on for nearly 20 more years.
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