1800 S Landcrab...

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1800 S Landcrab...

Post by Metronick »

Nice car in desirable S spec ie Downton modified head and big carbs......



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Re: 1800 S Landcrab...

Post by JohnA »

Must be rare it's got a 4 branch exhaust manifold and 3 pot front callipers

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Re: 1800 S Landcrab...

Post by Andrew1967 »

That's a cracking Landcrab 8-)

The 2200/Wolseley 6 Landcrab had bigger discs than the standard 1800 and I think 3 pot callipers. Whether this has been uprated to those or whether the S had them as standard, I cant remember off hand.

1800 discs are very difficult to find but 2200 discs are easier. You only need to take about 10mm (IIRC) off the disc diameter and 'voila' .. 1800 discs ;)

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Re: 1800 S Landcrab...

Post by Oneball »

The S had 3 pot calipers. 2 pots on the inside of the caliper one larger pot on the outside.

It’s a lovely looking one seems awfully good value.

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Re: 1800 S Landcrab...

Post by Longbridge 1 »

The 1800 S and the Austin/Morris 2200 and Wolseley Six all shared the same 3 pot calipers and the bigger discs. The discs are now very rare and difficult to get hold of. Steve

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