ADO16 brakes

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Re: ADO16 brakes

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mk1 wrote:I am pleased to be able to confirm that after a severe testing session at Blyton last weekend, the brakes on my 1300 were found to be more than adequate.
Please see thread below looking for brake parts suppliers. :lol:


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Re: ADO16 brakes

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But he didn't have any problems stopping at Blyton :)
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Re: ADO16 brakes

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For brake pads I'd compare them to the ones on a Saab 96 V4 say 1970 to 1980 as they look damn near the same.
Those Saab's also have swinging calipers.

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Re: ADO16 brakes

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As far as i remember, the SAAB calipers and pads look the same because they are exactly the same Lockheed system!

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