Well I never Knew That

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Well I never Knew That

Post by surfblue63 »

With the Indy 500 on this weekend I found a web page showing some of the more unusual cars that have competed over the years. Amoungst them was a car called the MG Liquid Suspension. At least two were built using a Huffaker chassis that used ADO16 Hydrolastic units under the direction of Kjell Qvale, owner of the BMC Distributors in San Francisco. The cars competed for a number of years during the mid 1960s.

https://www.conceptcarz.com/z20354/Huff ... ecial.aspx




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Re: Well I never Knew That

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Re: Well I never Knew That

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It floats on fluid!

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Re: Well I never Knew That

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Wizardry on wheels m8.

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Re: Well I never Knew That

Post by carbon »

They are the shiniest ADO16 displacer units I've ever seen!

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Re: Well I never Knew That

Post by Pandora »

weren't these inspired by the Cooper Car co. F3 chassis that was built. I think Jackie Stewart drove it? I think this Indy car came a year or 2 later.

EDIT - It was the T65 car now owned by Malcolm Wishart (though it is / was up for sale, so may have moved on):

"Appearing at the 1963 Race Car Show fitted with Hydrolastic Suspension and known as the “Hydro Proto Car” Chassis FJ -15-63 was run during that season by the Tyrrell Racing Team. The Cooper then ran in International F3 in 1964 before being purchased by Peter A. Stewart who competed in Scottish races and hill climbs until 1970. The car was laid up until 2007 and not used in competition until purchased by me in 2009"

It's no longer fitted with Hydro


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