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Drive Story : Vanden Plas Princess

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:31 pm
by mab01uk
AROnline takes a rather special ADO16 for test – after a quick spin, Keith Adams feels the need to espouse the virtues of the Vanden Plas Princess.
Vanden Plas 1300: Harriman’s Concorde?
"So what does Concorde have to do with a stubby 12-foot long BMC car of the 1960s? Well, like Concorde, the ADO16 was created by single-minded engineers, who envisaged a car that would transport a family of four in comfort, provide sure-footed handling for the driver and take up a minimum of road space, whilst remaining relatively cheap to run. Like Concorde, the ADO16 was the result of visionaries, and the inherent “rightness” of the design is the result." ... ss-driven/