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Morris Special

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A new toy that my Dad and I have purchased.

A good friend of my Dads built this from scratch in the late 80s using the running gear from a 1965 Morris Minor. He then cut up the body and put a bit in the bin each week!

Its now got an Eaton supercharger on the 1098cc minor engine and it puts out 90bhp on Minisports rolling road.

Needs a few jobs sorting then should be good for some fun.

May enter it for Blyton next year if thats acceptable? Or do as Rich suggested and turn up at a VSCC meeting!!
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Re: Morris Special

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the mighty 'bogatti'

its fricking glorious!
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Re: Morris Special

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Variations on a theme, here's one for the Ant Hill Mob? ... %7Ciid%3A1

It's beyond Ace.


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Re: Morris Special

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Haha, what fun Luke. That'll have a pretty good power to weight ratio...... It'll be quicker than MY Minor anyway ;)

You've just missed your chance: VCCC Prescott was LAST weekend :lol: Richard.

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