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Re: seen for sale

Post by Supersonic »

The late Charles Aznavour's Mk1 Vanden Plas :D

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Re: seen for sale

Post by 111Robin »

Hmm, seems cheap but then I don't often look at buses. ... ect=mobile

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Re: seen for sale

Post by Johnny »

1964 Sebring Sprite final day on Bring A Trailer. What a car. ... ng-sprite/

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Re: seen for sale

Post by Polarsilver »

Wow proper car indeed .. my Brian James cannot swim the Atlantic so regret its not going to be mine :cry:

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Re: seen for sale

Post by pugzadams »

Our GT is for sale...shameless plug!

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Re: seen for sale

Post by snoopy64 »



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Re: seen for sale

Post by onetim »

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Re: seen for sale

Post by Old English White »

There aren't many A7 specials as pretty as that 8-) .

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Re: seen for sale

Post by Andrew1967 »

Not sure about the flat front grille, but that aside, that special is VERY VERY nice indeed.

Reckon it'd be a real b**** to get in and out of the drivers seat though :?

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Re: seen for sale

Post by mk1 »

I'm not sure about that A7 Special. It looks like it it trying too hard to be something it's not.

Yes, its beautifully made, but it (as far as I am concerned) doesn't easily fir in any camp. It's still an Austin 7 with a puny 750cc engine that will give 30 odd hp max, but it is trying to look like a Morgan.

I said to Adam when we were discussing it at the weekend that it reminded me of this,

OK, maybe I was being a bit harsh :lol:
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